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Zero Tolerance Policy Player-Parent 2020-2021 Season

 Zero Tolerance Policy  Player-Parent    2020-2021 Season 
I. Introduction  
In an effort to make ice hockey a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participants, the league has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy with respect to the behavior of the players, coaches, parents, managers, and guardians who are members of the  Premier Hockey League of New England. The adoption of this policy essentially means that everyone involved in the League shall act in a respectful and sportsmanship like manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and loss of control is NEVER acceptable. All teams must submit their USA Hockey official roster along with completing this signed Zero Tolerance Policy form on-line with the PHLNE website from all the coaches/managers, players/parents in the League no later than September 1 each year. Any team not meeting this deadline will be assessed a penalty of $25.00 per day until all information is received or other sanctions may apply. It is recommended you keep a copy of your Zero Tolerance form submission from the PHLNE website. 
The Zero Tolerance Policy affords all participants direction in developing self-discipline, leadership, integrity, character, commitment, teamwork and a healthy attitude and respect for rules and regulations. We expect and require that before, during, and after any event in which a team participates, the following standards of behavior are observed:   II. Zero Tolerance Policy   A. Players   Players shall not:  
 1. Openly dispute, argue with, or protest a decision made by an official.  
 2. Use obscene or vulgar language or racial comments at any time, even if not directed at any       particular person.  
 3. Make any physical contact with body, puck, stick, or equipment of another       player after the whistle has blown.  
 4. Taunt any other player ,coach, referee or any other individual. 
5. Be involved in any fighting, on the ice, off the ice, before or after a league scheduled game. 
6. Engage in any inappropriate actions towards teammates, opponents, or others, relative to texting or through the      use of social  media. 
 B. Parents and Spectators  


 Parents and spectators shall not:  
 1. Use obscene , vulgar language, or sexual or racial comments at any time. 
 2. Verbally dispute, argue with, or protest an official’s decision or conduct       themselves in such a way as to taunt or ridicule officials.  
 3. Taunt, ridicule, provoke, bait, or threaten players, coaches, officials, or       other spectators.  
 4. Throw any object inside/outside the rink or its surroundings which would       create a safety hazard or create a delay in the game.  
 5. Exhibit any behavior where law enforcement is required to respond or settle disputes       or action.  
 6. Engage in any inappropriate actions towards your player’s teammates, opponents, coaches, referees or others,       relative to texting or through the use of social  media. III. Enforcement, Sanctions, and Consequences of Violations.  Enforcement may be determined by the game official but will be subject to further review by the League. Violations or alleged violations of the Zero Tolerance Policy shall be considered and reviewed by the League Discipline Committee, and penalties shall be assessed based upon the following classifications. Each case may also be reviewed, and further discipline may be issued, by USA Hockey.  
Class 1 -- A first-time offense of a relatively basic nature, but which shall not include a violation under Class 3, will require a review by the League Discipline Committee. Penalties may include reprimands and/or up to a three-game suspension including all team activities until the third game is complete. Any player who is assessed a game misconduct for fighting shall serve an automatic three game suspension. Any second game misconduct for any reason will require a hearing before the Discipline Committee and the player must not play with his team until a hearing decision is rendered. All parents/players who are required to attend a hearing must avail themselves as scheduled or may face further disciplinary action by the League. 
Class 2 -- Any repeat offenses, any violation which requires the police or other authorities to become involved, any physical contact involving adults, racial comments or any incident which endangers others, or a public display detrimental to the League will require a review by the League Discipline Committee with a possible three-game to a thirty-day suspension from all team activities or up to and including expulsion from the League.    Class 3 -- The most serious violations involving threats, physical harm, , Safe Sport allegations, repeated Class 2 violations or any other event determine extreme by the League Board of Directors and/or the Discipline Committee, will  require an automatic suspension and require a reinstatement hearing before being accepted back to the League.   By signing below or electronically, I acknowledge that I have received, read, understand and agree to comply with the  Premier Hockey League of New England  Zero Tolerance Policy along with the expectations as outlined above.  


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